NxGen Radio is a collection of online streaming radio stations across Australia.

We have 5 simple but powerful aims:
(1) Provide great music.
(2) Provide an opportunity for students to gain real world, practical experience in digital radio.
(3) Deliver a pathway to assist schools with a new, ongoing fundraising program.
(4) Build a network that allows students to fundraise and enhance their school.
(5) Deliver a fresh alternative platform for businesses to connect with the school community.

What makes NxGen Radio different?...a simple but powerful model.

NxGen Radio is offering businesses, both large and small, the opportunity to align themselves with one or more schools when advertising on NxGen Radio. Our advertising package is kept simple - One fixed, low price, regardless of location (or size of your business). We will proudly donate, on behalf of the advertiser, 50% of the advertising package sold, to their chosen school(s).
Business Advertisers

Get involved...it's good business sense!

  • Engage with a business-aligned school
  • Receive an expanded 'Return On Investment' while helping a school
  • Benefit from cost effective advertising
  • Access online radio's worldwide listener base
  • Present your business on a different platform
  • Join our social media cross collaboration
  • And let's face it ..... helping schools just feels good!
Help make a difference

When your business chooses to advertise with NxGen Radio, you will be assisting the schools in your local area.

Where the money goes ...

The Benefits


Students from participating schools will gain real world, practical experience in broadcasting, dj's and digital radio systems. Aslo literacy, speaking, maths, teamwork, time management and much more.
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In addition to many other positive outcomes, the school will directly benefit from a new and ongoing fundraising program that delivers educational experiences to the students.
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Local businesses will benefit from increased exposure through the local community. Supporting local businesses through the extended school network of students, parents, teachers and friends.
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The wider community benefits from a platform that delivers real music entertainment delivered by the next generation of music professionals while at the some time assisting local business..
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Today's Music - Tomorrow's DJ's - Supporting Schools

The DJ's
Whenever possible, radio sessions will be programmed by the very students from our local schools.
We hope that the window of time spent programming up a session, will provide fun, new challenges and learning for our "DJ's".
Music played 24/7. Hourly themes including 70's music, today's hits, top 40, country etc.

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