Advertising Tips

Capture Imagination

Radio relies on the listeners imagination.

Radio doesn't allow for the use of images, so the verbal message must do all the work.

A typical 30 second radio commercial will use approx 65 words. This will sometimes includes a 5 to 10 word slogan or jingle.

The 'Must Do's' of Radio

Tips on writing radio commercials:

  • Be clear and concise
  • Be specific and detailed
  • Make it believable
  • Make it memorable (make it stick)
  • Use strong narration (anecdotes and metaphors)
  • Avoid generalisations (must convince the consumer)
  • Use persuasive language to connect with the consumer

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About NxGen Radio

NxGen Radio is a collaboration of digital radio stations programmed by our schools, giving next generation budding broadcasters an opportunity to have a voice today.

Schools are grouped in local regions so businesses can advertise to the extended school community - unparalleled access to teachers, students, parents, friends, & more.

Every school in Australia can join for free & over 50% of advertising goes straight to the school.

Schools now have a new revenue source that also gives students real life experiences.

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