Can any school join NxGen Radio?
Absolutely, any school in Australia can register an interest to become a DJ on the NxGen Radio Network.
What is streaming?
Streaming is the delivery of media (video or audio) content over the Internet using data compression and this process allows the user to start playing the material as it downloads. This saves having to download the entire file before you can play it.
How long does it take to have the school active as registration?
Usually we will have your school up and operating as a DJ within 7 days of registration.
Does my PC have to be switched on?
Not necessarily. If you have a broadband router with built-in Wi-Fi, you do not need a PC to receive internet radio. The Wi-Fi Tuners connects directly to the internet without the use of a browser
Do I need a special App?
No, NxGen Radio can be played from any device that has an internet connection and a browser.
How much data does it use to listen to a song?
Each mp3 song is around 4 mb in size and lasts for around 4 minutes on average. So as a guide you will use 1 mb per minute. Therefore 1 Gb of data will play approximately 1000 minutes of music or 250 songs.