Annual Package - Minimum of 52 Commercials (Played over 52 weeks)

$6.60 per Ad - Enter a minimum of 52 in the Quantity Box Out of stock



All our ad spots are the same great value, all you need to work out is how many 30 second spots you would like per week and how many stations you want to play them on.


During the checkout process you will be asked which stations you would like to play your ads on and which schools you would like to support.

You will need a minimum of 52 ads for each station you choose.

For Example: entering 260 into the quantity box will allow you to play -

  • 5 ads per week all on 1 Station
  • 1 ad per week split over 5 Stations
  • etc

You can pay in full or by monthly installments (without penalty) through the checkout process.

The school(s) you select to support will receive 50% of every Ad pack you buy.

If you choose multiple Schools &/or Stations they will receive an even split of support or time.